Barriertech – Stops Rocks,
Slides and Avalanches


Whether natural occurrences or man-made, rock falls, landslides and avalanches can be sudden and catastrophic for people and property.  No wonder that, across the world, much time, money and expertise is invested in predicting and containing these events.

Located in Aalen, close to the German Alps and no strangers to the extremes of nature, RUD has been applying 130 year of experience in chain technology and advanced alloys to developing an effective defensive system.

Barriertech will be the first containment system to be certified as fit for purpose.

A suspended netting system, Barriertech’s energy-absorbing elasticity has been tested according to ETAG27 and, although capable of taking take as much as 5000 kJ, is guaranteed to a safe limit of 3000 kJ. 
Barriertech can protect highways and railway tracks from stray boulders and “catch” landslides and avalanches before they can overwhelm the terrain and structures in their path.

Bauma, the showcase for proven and innovative products and services is the venue RUD has chosen to introduce Barriertech to the world’s civil engineering, quarrying and mining industries. 

Source: RUD-Barriertech

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