New Vactor SXP Insulated Water Tank

Vactor Manufacturing introduces the SXP (superlinear XL polyethylene) insulated water tank for the Vactor HXX HydroExcavator™. The thermal water tank retains heated water temperature longer, reducing the likelihood of freezing during operation in sub-zero conditions and harsh winter weather. The lighter weight tank also reduces fuel consumption while increasing payload availability and hauling capacity.

The 4500 l capacity SXP tank features a double wall design consisting of a 9,5 mm-thick outer shell and a 9,5 mm-thick foam liner.

The industry-leading Vactor HXX HydroExcavator is versatile enough to handle potholing, waterline repair, slot trenching, directional drilling, sign and pole installation, pipe and line installation and other large-volume excavation.

Source: Federal Signal Corporation

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