Le CleanStart™


CleanStart™ is a hydraulic stop & start system for larger engines used on urban vehicles that are subjected to tight emission laws when it comes to leaving engines idling in traffic.

The heart of CleanStart™ is a hydraulic motor starter that is mounted directly on the crankshaft of the combustion engine. The engine can be turned off in traffic jams as well as stopping at street lights, thus saving fuel and eliminating pollution. Using energy storage accumulators to power the motor, the engine starter is extremely responsive, thus quickly enabling the vehicles movement again.

This on-road hybrid hydraulic system uses a hydraulic motor mounted directly to the crankshaft, which is used for restarting the engine. A traditional electric starter motor is used to first start the engine to allow a hydraulic accumulator to be charged, creating a reservoir of pressurized oil that is then used to operate the hydraulic motor for subsequent restarts.

With the hydraulic motor coupled directly to the nose of the crankshaft, and spinning at 600rpm, engine starting is faster, taking typically half a second to fire up. Poclain also suggested that this stop-start technology has the potential to reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%.

Poclain Hydraulics is a world-leading specialist in hydrostatic transmission. This expertise has led to its expansion in fast growing markets, such as mobile machinery used in agriculture, construction, public works and material handling. The French company is reknowned for its AddiDrive™ Assist and CreepDrive™ systems.

Source: Poclain Hydraulics


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