Atlas Copco Launches Lightest Fully Vibro-Reduced Handheld Hydraulic Pick Hammer

Atlas Copco introduces at bauma 2013 the lightest fully vibro-reduced handheld hydraulic pick hammer to the market: the LH 8E. Weighing 9.5 kg, the breaker is ideally suited for horizontal work in brick and concrete work as well as building renovation. The new vibro-reduced housing and handle are the key to a significant decrease of vibrations.

The newly designed vibro-reduced housing, where the hammer mechanism floats in the canopy, dampens vibrations throughout the whole hammer body. This significantly decreases the vibrations transmitted to the operator´s hands and arms.

Atlas Copco´s HAPS™, Hand and Arm Protection System, helps to reduce the operator´s exposure to vibrations. The new design enables a lower vibration exposure level for the operator to be achieved at a given working time. As operator comfort is a number one priority, the new models also offer an efficient noise reduction system.

LH 8E also features a large vibro-reduced D-handle for superior handling: a generously dimensioned D-handle with enough room for a gloved hand. The front handle provides full control and support when starting a cut. The handle can be indexed 360 degrees or turned horizontally, or even removed altogether and the other gripping surfaces of the machine can be used instead.

Using the multiple gripping surface the operator has the possibility of choosing an optimum working position and with noticeably better dampening of the vibrations – in both hands – compared with other standard hammers without vibro-reduction in this weight class.

The LH 8E will run on standard hydraulic system providing 20 lpm flow and is designed to run optimum on any Atlas Copco power pack and will become a new important tool member in our complete line of handheld hydraulic tools. Equipped with thin and flexible long hydraulic tail hoses and quick release flat face couplers it can easy be connected and operated by any standard power pack or hydraulic flow with controlled outlet complying with the EHTMA cat “ C” standards.

The new LH 8E pick hammer has a light-weight retainer that gives quick tool changes in combination with low weight and easy operation.

Source: Atlas Copco


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