Linden Comansa at bauma 2013


Spanish tower crane manufacturer Linden Comansa will display at forthcoming bauma trade show two of its newest products: a 16 LC 260 Flat-Top tower crane, from its LC 1600 Series, and a LCL 165 luffing-jib crane. Both models were launched slightly over a year ago and have never been exhibited at a trade show until bauma 2013.

The tallest of both cranes will be the 16 LC 260. It will be erected over a 6 m-wide folding cross base, with jib length of 70 m (the maximum of this model) and a freestanding height of 61.6 m, which will make this crane easy to be seen from everywhere in bauma´s outdoor exhibition area. Its maximum load capacity is 12 t, although this same model may come in other versions of 8 and 10 t.

One of the great advantages of this model, and from the entire LC 1600 Series, is the design without apex element, which speeds up the assembly process and means important savings in accessory equipment.

Furthermore, the 16 LC 260 includes the PowerLift system, launched by Linden Comansa in 2012, which allows the crane to move the load to a greater jib length with reduced speeds, improving the load chart up to 10%.

The LCL 165 luffing-jib crane is the newest model from Linden Comansa’s LCL Series of luffers and comes with two versions of maximum load: 8 and 12 t. Munich will see the 8 t version, erected over a 4.5 m-wide folding cross base, and with height under hook of 14.6 m, to provide all visitors a better picture of its compact design, which enormously facilitates its transport and assembly.

This crane features all advantages from the LCL Series, including its modular design, which allows most of the tower and jib sections to be interchangeable between the cranes of the series, and the electronic coordination between the luffing and hoisting movements: a control system popularly known as “Level Luffing”, which lets the crane operator move the load horizontally just by pushing a button while applying the luffing movement.

Both exhibited cranes include the latest developments from Linden Comansa, such as the Effi-Plus high speed hoist mechanisms, which increase hoist speeds with light loads up to 70%. Compared to a mechanism with the same power but without this system, Effi-Plus may increase productivity of hoist operations up to 27% without increasing the power and energy consumption of the crane.

Source: BKL Baukran Logistik GmbH,
Linden Comansa

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