Astec Introduces Diagnostic Tool


Astec introduces “The Source” diagnostic tool, a hand-held tool that simulates most of the electrical signals coming into an asphalt plant control system. The Source simplifies plant setup and troubleshooting by providing the user with the ability to simulate components without the need to waste material.


  • 0-30 mV to simulate a weigh-bridge signal;
  • 0-10 V DC signal can emulate a MBU. Also controls the speed of a variable speed drive;
  • The 24 V 0-4100 Hz pulses simulate the inputs from a tachometer or encoders. It provides a tach connector that will simulate an AC pump, or a feeder;
  • The 4-20 mA output signals are handy for any current output field device. It provides control signals that simulate heat controllers, current transformers, action packs and any other current sources. It will also alert the user if that current circuit is open, simplifying 4-20 mA control problems.

Source: Astec Industries, Inc.

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