Hilti's Tools On Demand for Peak Seasons or Projects

Hilti’s new Tools On Demand Service allows customers to access Hilti tools for a time period of 3 to 24 months to match seasonal and project-specific needs. With Hilti Tools On Demand your business will benefit from having high performance Hilti tools when, and only when, you need them. This means less downtime, less risk, more reliability, greater protection and an improved monthly cash flow, with even less up-front capital investment.

Hilti’s Tool Fleet Management Service is the best service for tools used year in and year out. Hilti’s authorized independent rental network remains the best option for emergency, daily or weekly tool needs. Tools On Demand compliments these existing offerings to provide tools for those months when projects peak.

Customers can use Tools On Demand to match project requirements with the best tools at the right time to complete each phase of the project. Through Tools On Demand, Hilti’s warehouse has become your tool crib.

Hilti’s Tools On Demand Program is related to Hilti’s Tool Fleet Management Program and includes a comprehensive review of your current tool fleet and recommendations based on your tool usage intensity, tool age and the profitability drivers of your upcoming projects. Hilti then recommends and delivers tools with the latest in safety and technology, to increase your tool reliability and productivity. You simply return the tools to Hilti when you no longer need them.

If a tool you are using via Tools On Demand fails, simply return it to Hilti and it will be replaced immediately. This means no more estimates, purchase orders or internal delays - saving you time and money.

With Hilti Tools On Demand and Hilti Tool Fleet Management you can spread your tool costs over several months or years – depending on which option works best for your company. There is no large up-front cash outlay for tool fleet upgrades. Your costs are limited to one payment per month to help reduce administrative costs.

Source: Hilti, Inc.

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