New Plate Compactor Offers Easy Loading Without Support Equipment

BOMAG single direction vibratory plate compactors are a contractor’s indispensable tools for day-to-day use in soil and asphalt repair and maintenance compaction applications. Weighing just over 46 kg, the new BOMAG BVP 10/30 compactor is the lightest single direction vibratory plate in its class and features a balanced lifting point, so it can be quickly loaded and unloaded from the transport vehicle without any support equipment.

The BVP 10/30 walk-behind compactor boasts a compact design with its 300 x 508 mm plate width and length, making it perfect for compacting confined spaces and into corners. The machine generates 10 kN of centrifugal force at working speeds reaching 25 m/min, making it the right plate for landscaping and earthworks contractors, building contractors and maintenance crews. By equipping the plate with its optional vulcolan mat, the BVP 10/30 is the compactor of choice for setting paving stones.

Several features of the new BVP 10/30 plate compactor serve to enhance safe machine operation. Its hinged handle features rubber mounts to effectively minimize vibration transmitted back to the operator’s hands and arms for more comfortable operation. The V-belt guard fully encloses the belt’s movement to protect the operator from injury. Compactor lifting handles help to advance safe loading and unloading from the transport vehicle.

Source: BOMAG Americas, Inc.

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