New Vortech Rubber Tracks for Compact Tracked Loaders

Bridgestone Corporation debuted its new Vortech line of rubber tracks at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 in Las Vegas. Designed specifically for compact tracked loaders, Vortech rubber tracks feature a responsive track design and powerful H-shape tread pattern to deliver both workability and a smooth driving experience.

The Vortech line was designed as a result of Bridgestone’s continued focus on knowing the customer best and recognizing pressing customer needs. The all-new Vortech rubber track system from Bridgestone reflects customer desire for improved driver efficiency and workability in compact tracked loader applications.

By optimizing the internal structure and tread pattern of the tracks, Vortech lowers the bending resistance*1 that occurs when rubber tracks rotate, enabling more fluid vehicle movement. As a result of this unique design, Bridgestone Vortech rubber tracks contribute to the driving efficiency improved by 26%*2 and subsequently more fluid vehicle movement.
Vortech rubber tracks from Bridgestone also employ a new H-shaped tread pattern to expand the edge portion of the tracks, which grips the ground, and provides higher levels of traction for powerful performance. Vortech tracks help improve driving performance in compact tracked loaders in a variety of environments – from gravel to sediment, and other ground types.

Bridgestone Vortech rubber tracks also utilize an ideal tread pattern and tread positioning to achieve smoother driving, which helps reduce fatigue to the vehicle operator resulting from vehicle vibration.
Bridgestone Vortech rubber tracks will be available in 450 mm-wide sizes.

*1 Resistance that occurs when rubber tracks bend around the wheels that their internal sides come in contact with during rotation.
*2 Based on tests performed by the Bridgestone.

Source: Bridgestone Corporation

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