Front Debris Hose Option Available
for Elgin Waterless Pelican® Sweeper

Elgin Sweeper has introduced a front debris hose option exclusive to the bestselling Elgin Waterless Pelican® 3-wheel sweeper.

Designed for light to medium debris, including gravel, sand and cement, in both industrial and municipal applications, the optional debris hose is intended for hard-to-reach material accumulations.

“The front debris hose option on the Waterless Pelican allows the operator to manually remove certain debris and aggregate-type materials that are inaccessible via the sweeper’s standard sweep gear,” said Adam Braun, associate product manager at Elgin Sweeper. “This option is another example of the versatile sweeping solutions we provide our customers to help them meet their needs on the job.”

Featuring a 15 cm diameter and a 3.5 m reach, the front debris hose can be operated by a single operator and is stored onboard the sweeper. The vacuum for the debris hose is created by the standard fan on the sweeper.

Source: Elgin Sweeper

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