GRAMMER's Modular Seats Exhibited at CONEXPO-CON/AGG

GRAMMER, a manufacturer of premium off-road equipment seats, exhibited its cutting-edge, modular seats at CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas. GRAMMER also displayed the award-winning Genius Cab for the first time in North America. GRAMMER products provide durable, hardworking comfort for an improved ride in the most demanding conditions. Applications for GRAMMER seats include agricultural, turf care, construction, material handling, marine and on-road vehicles and equipment.

The company showcased several of its newest innovative, modular seats. Some of the advanced features include air suspension, fully automatic adjustment to the operator’s weight, and active seat climatization. Engineered and tested to minimize whole-body vibration exposure, the seats have optimized suspension to help prevent injury and low-back pain.

“Every application and operating environment has different requirements for suspension to reduce operator exposure to whole-body vibration,” said Fred Schmidt, sales group manager of GRAMMER. “The seat is typically the most cost-effective element of the equipment’s overall suspension. An optimized, ergonomically engineered seat helps prevent injury and low-back pain.”

CONEXPO-CON/AGG attendees could also check out the award-winning Genius Cab. The Genius Cab was developed through a collaboration of component manufacturers, OEM suppliers, scientific institutes, designers, industry associations, rental companies and experienced operators. It is equipped with an innovative GRAMMER seat that offers electronically adjustable comfort features with memory function. The seat has an integrated multifunctional armrest with 12’’ touch display for controlling all vehicle and seat functions. The seat links to the equipment’s CAN-bus system and automatically adjusts to each operator for maximum comfort.

“The focus of the development work for the Genius Cab was human-centered design,” says Hubert Wittmann, senior product manager, strategic product planning at GRAMMER. “The emphasis was on meeting driver needs with intuitive, ergonomic control and operation of all vehicle and comfort functions using a multifunctional armrest and multi-touch display.”


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