AUSA Launches the New D450AHG Articulated Dumper

The New D450AHG is replacing the D400AHG. With the same dimensions than its predecessor, this new machine has a load capacity increased to 4,500 kg and features many improvements meant to increase robustness, reliability and cost efficiency.

This D450AHG fits a niche in the market as it will be great for working with mini-excavators when loading and transporting dirt, significantly increasing the speed and productivity of excavation work and in crowded urban areas. AUSA always stood out for the great maneuverability of their machines that are able to work in limited spaces and on adverse terrains.

The design of AUSA dumpers focuses on the safety of the operator and on the surrounding area. On the new D450AHG, the dump body has been designed to ensure high visibility from the operator’s station. The rear counterweight give the machine greater stability under full load and the machine is equipped with a robust ROPS. Wide accesses to the driving area for entering and exiting easily and safely are provided.

Complete control of the operating system is provided via the joystick, which has integrated functions for moving the machine forwards and backwards and for lifting, lowering and rotating the skip, making it safer and easier to operate.
It can also optionally be equipped with a closed cab and the innovative Full Visibility System, a safety system that provides 2 cameras with infrared night-vision, 8 proximity sensors and a TFT screen on the dashboard. This technology is directly taken from the automotive sector, which provides the operator with total vision of their surroundings, allowing them to be constantly aware of elements both in front and to the rear of the vehicle that are lost in their direct field of vision.

Source: AUSA

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