Dynapac Extends Its Small Asphalt Roller Range


Dynapac extends its small asphalt roller range with the CC1400 VI, a 4.3 t-class roller with 1380 mm drum width. The CC1400 VI roller follows the same great concept as the previous Generation VI rollers. They are robust, comfortable and modern machines with a unique design featuring a cross-mounted engine in combination with an excellent drum edge visibility and best serviceability. The hood is designed for optimal view over the front drum and, with the sliding seat, it provides outstanding visibility to maximize operator control. Optional ROPS-mounted working-lights in LED provide additional light during night-work.

The increased drum diameter ensures the asphalt is not shoveled in front of the drum creating transversal cracks. The efficient eccentrics guarantees optimum powerful performance in the vibration start-up process. Dual frequencies and optional dual amplitudes provide high quality compaction for different conditions and applications. The optional asphalt temperature meter provides high quality compaction results. The mechanical adjustable off-set function of the front frame (0-50 mm) enable compacting close to high curbs with less risk of machine damage, it also increases the surface capacity in order to eliminate marks in the mat. Front mounted single or dual edge presser and a rear mounted chip spreader are optional features. Combi-versions CC1400C VI with 4 static rubber wheels at the rear are available as well.

The pressurized water sprinkler system facilitates a smooth and reliable flow for maximum uptime. The increased water-tank volume, with as much as 300 l, and sprinkler timer ensure maximum uptime with less time needed for water refilling. A water level sensor alerts the operator when it is time for a refill. A 3-stage filtration system provides clean water and prevents clogged sprinkler nozzles.

The spacious and vibration damped operator platform enables good operator comfort throughout long workdays. The driving levers follow the optional sliding seat for great ergonomics and full control (dual levers for even better ergonomics are optional). Functions to turn vibration on/off in the driving lever gives the operator full control. The modern instrument panel is easy to use and enables the driver to operate the roller with precision.

The powerful Kubota engine alternatives meet the worldwide engine emission regulations. For Europe and North America a 49 hp Tier 4 final is available with a diesel particle filter (DPF) after-treatment system (DOC). For unregulated markets, a 47 hp engine available.

Source: Dynapac

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