Kinshofer Announces Sales Success at CONEXPO-CON/AGG

The Kinshofer Group is pleased to announce that it has sold several attachments at CONEXPO-CON/AGG, including a DRS-75-A DRS-75-A mobile scrap shear. AM Démolition, a company based out of Charlemagne, Quebec, purchased the DRS-75-A.

“Kinshofer manufactures durable, reliable attachments,” says Rémy Maltais, president, AM Démolition. “We purchased the DRS-75-A because we are a growing company and we want to be able to provide demolition services on projects that require bigger equipment.”

The DRS-75-A features some unique features, including a unique Blade Locking System (BLS) in upper and lower jaw and a Shear Arm Guiding System (SGS).

In order to increase longevity and improve durability, the shear features a wear resistant, high grade steel body combined with heavy duty bearings in the pivot points. A heavy-duty 360° rotation is optional.

Offset blades create additional cutting force and the shear features an extremely high cutting force and optimal performance to weight ratio. All wear cutting blades can be turned and reused 4 times. To increase longevity, the piercing tip is exchangeable and re-weldable.

“We’re delighted that AM Démolition have made this purchase here at CONEXPO-CON/AGG – the DRS Mobile Shear provides an ideal solution, delivering a critical combination of an extremely high cutting force, a high-speed output and an optimal weight to performance ratio across a range of everyday tasks. It’s suited for a variety of applications including demolition, scrap processing and tire recycling, and the range includes 6 different sizes and a variety of mounting options, suitable for excavators with an operating weight from 14-80 t,” said Dany Martin, sales manager, Kinshofer North America.

Source: Kinshofer Group

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