Cadel Works with FuelRight to Bring New Innovative Product to Market




Cadel Distribution recently announced that it has been working closely with FuelRight, the makers of highly concentrated specialized fuel additives, in developing a new retail type product for the marketplace.

The conventional fuel additive industry has evolved over many generations however, the focus remains limited to engine performance. Although diesel fuel does have significant advantages, water contamination seems to be the biggest concern. This leads to degraded fuel, fouled fuel strainers, and the formation of biofilms.

Pro+Active, with an impressive 1:10,000 mix ratio or 3,500 l of treated fuel per bottle, essentially dissolves all biofilms and separates water from the fuel ensuring the best quality fuel is being delivered to the injectors while inhibiting any fuel tank corrosion and bacterial contamination caused by the degraded fuel which clogs fuel lines and filters. Adding this new product to the already impressive number of product lines it currently handles, reaffirms Cadel as the innovative leader in the support to the Heavy Diesel off-road market.

These products are available through any one of Cadel’s 3 warehouses across Canada, namely Langley, British Columbia, Mississauga, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec.

Developed over the past 2 decades, Fuel Right Chemistry is unique and uses a powerful combination of amines to slowly dissolve existing sludge, while preventing growth and build-up of new sludge. These amines also protect tanks and fuel system components from corrosion, even in the presence of free water and remaining old sludge. Fuel Right also improves lubricity thus extending the service life of injection pumps and other high wear fuel components. Fuel Right contains glycol ether, a necessary ingredient that protects against fuel line freeze-ups in cold weather climates.

Proven in laboratory testing over the past 16 years, Fuel Right has been tested against more than 85 competitive products and has outperformed everyone.

Founded in 1957, Cadel is part of the Heavy Vehicle Parts Division of UAP Inc. Cadel focuses its efforts on the specialized heavy-duty off-highway, marine, power generation, and forestry markets and the original equipment manufacturers.

As a member of ADS (Association of Diesel Specialists), Cadel’s core products and applications include diesel fuel injection – through partnerships with Bosch and Denso, filtration, exhaust and emission components, wiper motors and products, LCD instruments and gauges, in addition to engine cooling management.

Cadel can offer complete, efficient and cost effective coverage from coast to coast.

Source: Cadel, Div. of UAP Inc.

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