Sarens Contributes with Its Expertise to Complete the Union Station’s Renovation




The Union Station bus station and the CIBC SQUARE building constructions in Toronto, Ontario, have been completed thanks to Sarens’ collaboration. This new architectural complex stands out as an innovative project that will change the architecture and skyline of Toronto.

After more than 4 years of construction, Union Station has completed its renovation, resulting in a more modern, aesthetically pleasing, and innovative station. The improvement works of this bus station, one of the busiest in the world, and the construction of Toronto's innovative CIBC SQUARE building has been made possible thanks to years of effort and major partnerships as Sarens’, world leader in heavy lifting and transportation.

The main work was focused on creating a more modern infrastructure, increasing its capacity and building 2 towers, which resulted in a unique creation. The bridge that connects the towers is, without any doubt, a portrait of modern architecture, mixing the classic structure of a hanging bridge with the image and beauty of a park of more than 4,000 m2, which the residents already refer to as “mini-Central Park” in honor of the world-famous one in the Big Apple (New York City).

On this occasion the Belgian multinational had to work by adapting to passenger traffic, therefore they started working in a night schedule to interfere as little as possible and avoid negatively affecting the lives of pedestrians who walk along Bay Street, where the station is located. In this project Sarens had to install and lift large iron beams weighing a total of 9,434 kg, which support and enable the development of the flying garden that connects the north and south towers of the station. Thanks to this methodology it has been possible to carry out the project effectively in just 4 months.

The ending of this architectural ensemble has been a real milestone for Toronto, as it is a real unique construction, representing the first skyway bridge in Toronto and one of the first in Canada.

Due to the social and economic importance of this station, transport was never suspended, the works had to be carried out with an extra degree of complexity, which is where companies such as Sarens come in helpful with an extensive experience in similar situations, that allows the company to adapt to the needs of each project.

Source: Sarens

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