New Bri-Mar Line of Dump Inserts Expands Pick-up Truck Versatility

Bri-Mar has done it again! Through innovative technology and adaptation of their field-proven dump trailer, come the DI-100 and DI-100-6 Dump Inserts. Available now for both 8' and 6' beds, these inserts aid in the removal and transport of mulch, stone, dirt and debris. The dump insert fits easily and securely in the back of any pick-up truck, quickly converting it into a cost-effective dump truck.

Much like the dump trailer, the dump insert uses a heavy-duty hydraulic scissors lift, powered by a Monarch electric/hydraulic system with a remote. Save precious time and energy that are better spent elsewhere. This line of products eliminates the need for manual material removal, preventing extra work, injuries and possible damage to the bed of the truck.

The insert comes in both 1,62 x 2,58 m (DI-100) and 1,62 x 1,93 m (DI-100-6) sizes and offers a rated lift capacity of 2700 kg. Due to its smaller, more compact size, the DI-100-6 holds a volume of 1,14 m3 while the DI-100 transports up to 1,52 m3. A Bri-Mar dump insert becomes an invaluable tool for any landscaper, renovation contractor, roofing & siding contractor or homeowner with a pick-up truck.

To resist the elements, Bri-Mar designed and built the dump inserts with 12-gauge steel floor and 14-gauge sides and they are acid etched and then finished in a black Valspar powder-coated paint for professional appearance and long-term durability. To increase carrying capacity, four stake pockets run the length of each side, allowing easy insertion of posts and construction of higher walls to increase capacity for lighter materials. Each model comes with a standard one-piece tailgate, complete with chains.

Options for both models include a full-height cab protector to ensure visibility and the integrity of rear-window glass; a tarp kit, and a convenient wireless remote. As with all reliable Bri-Mar products, a two-year warranty is standard.

Source: Bri-Mar Manufacturing

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