Kubota Announces the Super 07 Series of Engines


The Kubota 07 Series is a totally new concept in engine design developed with various requirements necessary for a wide range of industrial applications. A side PTO option is available, offering up to 100% power take-off (PTO) from a gear train located on the flywheel side. This design presents compact positioning of PTO hydraulic devices. In response to the trend of increasing hydraulic control devices in industrial machines, it is possible to install up to three hydraulic pumps with different capacities.

Fan positions are available in two heights to adapt to various equipment configurations.

A four cylinder, direct injected, turbocharged engine, it is rated at 74,3 hp at 2600 rpm. Although it is a 3,3 l engine, weighing in at 268 kg, it has the compact size of Kubota's 2.4 l engine package. Stay tuned for additional 07 Series engines that will be released soon.

These engines have been designed to comply with EPA Interim Tier 4 (Option 1) emission regulations, which are the most stringent in this size range. They also comply with EU Stage #3A requirements. This gives these engines the benefit of one year longer validity in both Europe and North America over any Tier 3 engines. Meeting emission regulations with minimal additional required devices keeps the engines costs down. Kubota is able to reduce NOx with only mechanical means, such as a compact cooled exhaust recirculation (EGR) system.

These new engines have been designed to reduce transmitted vibrations and radiated sound, resulting in lower noise levels. Operator and environmentally friendly, the Kubota 07 Series begins a new era of Kubota's engine design.

Source: Kubota Corporation

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