Vermeer’s New Electric-Powered Horizontal Grinder

Vermeer has introduced an electric-powered horizontal grinder for wood waste recycling. The HG6000E drum is powered by two electrical motors producing 600 hp (447,4 kW) while two separate electric motors power the hydraulic circuits and cooling system.

The unit is available in a skid-mount configuration for placement in a permanent location while the trailer-mount configuration allows for periodic movement. Both configurations require a hard wire installation.

To maximize productivity, the exclusive SmartGrind feature stops and reverses material from feeding into the patented duplex drum when motor amperage exceeds an efficient operating range. The reversible hammers and cutter blocks on the duplex drum last nearly twice as long as single-sided designs.

A multifunction, wireless remote control allows the operator to control most operating functions from a maximum operating distance of 90 m.

Source: Vermeer Corporation

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