New Compact Häggloader for 7 m2 Tunnels


New compact, rubber-tired digging arm loader from Sweden’s GIA Industri AB, the 7HR and 7HR-B Häggloader, have been introduced for use in construction and mining tunnels and drifts with a cross section area of just 7 m2.

Designed for operating in tunnels with a width of 2500 mm and a height of 2500 mm, the wheeled loader has a loading capacity of 2,5 m3/m.

The 7HR features two unique digging arm systems – digging arms or rotating backhoe – to load the spoil/muck from the tunnel face directly onto the Häggloader’s conveyor, which fills the haulage vehicle with a constant supply.
The conveyor can be raised and lowered to suit the loading height of the different haulage vehicles. The backhoe version can also be equipped with a hammer for scaling the blasted profile.

The option of electric or diesel power source is offered for the Häggloader’s hydraulic system and for tramming and transportation.

Featuring a 4-wheel traction pull of 7200 hp, the 7HR also offers front and rear axle steering for excellent agility plus the ability to travel sideways in confined spaces.

For longer tunnels, the new compact-sized Häggloader also reduces the number of passing/turning places required by traditional loaders.

Source: Gia Industri AB

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