Environmentally Friendly Soil Stabilizer


Building effective and long lasting roads in the Dominican Republic has proven to be difficult in the past due to high annual rainfall, high temperatures and the soil type predominantly found on the island. Recently a demonstration was performed on a stretch of road at the Naco Golf & Country Club near Santo Domingo with EarthZyme, a 100% environmentally friendly soil stabilizer that is specifically designed to stabilize the predominantly clay-based soils found in the area, while providing great road dust control results as well. Cypher’s Dust Stop is also being used to erradicate hazardous dust throughout this site. 

EarthZyme is applied using standard construction equipment and techniques. A 150 m stretch of road was used to demonstrate the product and to train the engineers employed by Naco so they can carry out future applications with the soil stabilization product. This training was necessary because the golf course has already decided to use EarthZyme on over 30 km of new roads to be built later this year on their property. The decision was made to use EarthZyme due to some excellent results that were achieved in lab tests conducted on the soil that was used for the demonstration road earlier in the year. The soil was tested for CBR results (California Bearing Ratio, a measure of soil strength) and was found to have a CBR of 43,2. After EarthZyme’s application, the CBR value jumped to an amazing 195,8, a gain of over 453% in strength (lab tests are available upon request). Due to the significant increase in strength / CBR it was unanimously agreed by all the stakeholders of Naco to use EarthZyme on all their new road construction in and around the golf course next year. 

In this case, EarthZyme was used for the construction of a golf course road, but it is also commonly used for mine haul roads, agricultural roads and for soil stabilization of any trafficked or non-trafficked areas. An EarthZyme treated road significantly reduces the soil’s permeability, thus minimizing the threat caused by the heavy rains found in maritime climates, which is why the soil stabilization it provides is such a good fit for roads in the Dominican Republic.

Source: Cypher Environmental Ltd.

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