New Flip Screen EXC180


Flip Screen Australia Pty Ltd, a designer and manufacturer of an award-winning line of screening attachments, launches the new EXC180 screening bucket. Suitable for 40 to 50 t excavators, the attachment is the largest excavator-mounted model in the Flip Screen lineup. The EXC180 is built durable and rugged to handle the most demanding applications in a variety of industries including aggregates and road building, construction, demolition, landfill, mining, public works, railway and waste recycling. The unit was displayed for the first time at CONEXPO-CON/AGG tradeshow in Las Vegas.

The EXC180 replaces the excavator’s bucket and works by rotating 360° continuously, on a single axis. In a clockwise motion, the unit removes smaller particles through an easily interchangeable screen, while a baffle retains larger material, such as steel and concrete, so that it may be dumped separately. Upon completion of the screening process, the EXC180 switches to a clockwise rotation to eject material.

The EXC180 features a bucket opening 245 cm wide by 60 cm high, and offers a screening capacity of approximately 1,75 m3 (full internal capacity: 5,25 m3). Total screening surface area is 8,9 m2.
Intended for tough applications, the EXC180 includes a host of features designed to enhance durability. Double-size vanes, thick wall-plates, heavy-stiffener deflector plates, tough baffle supports, a baffle impact plate, and arm- and drain-plug protectors have been integrated to increase the unit’s robustness and strength.

Source: Flip Screen Australia Pty Ltd.

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