Recycling Sucess with
the New Lokotrack ST3.5


Metso’s mobile screen novelty, Lokotrack ST3.5, has proven its efficiency in a demanding screening project involving rock-based recycle materials in Italy. In Pollenza, south of Rimini, ST3.5 classifies difficult, rock-based recycle materials with a capacity of about 1,000 t/working day. Thanks to the optional vibrating grid, the screened end products remain consistently very clean., a family-owned company, operates a stationary quarry for producing aggregates needed for concrete. A few years ago the company expanded its operations to recycling.

“We plan to use our Lokotrack ST3.5 both in recycling and quarrying. Thanks to its compact size, the unit can be easily transported on a normal trailer, which is a big plus for us,” says Andrea Renzi, managing director of

“Our first impression of ST3.5 is very positive, thanks to the quality components, sturdy design and ease of use. In recycling, having a small shredder before the mobile screen is like a Fiat competing with a Ferrari, so we cannot verify the full capacity of the ST3.5 yet,” Luigi Renzi adds.

An optional, vibrating grid is available for the Lokotrack ST3.5. In quarrying, it results in quicker feeding and reduces the need to tilt the grid for cleaning. In recycling, the main benefit is in securing the cleanness of the end products.

“The vibrating grid effectively separates wood, plastic and other scrap from the feed, giving us much cleaner screened end products. By choosing different grid mesh sizes, we can also easily adjust and control the feed size to the screen,” notes Massimo Renzi, responsible for recycling.

With the ST3.5 mobile screen, the upper screen deck houses a 30 mm mesh size, and the lower deck 5 mm. Oversized materials separated by the grid are returned to the crushing stage. Fed by the small Italian shredder, the output in recycling is about 130 t/h.

The Lokotrack ST3.5 used by also features separate remote radio controls for the mobile screen and the vibrating grid, allowing total steering and adjustment of the screening process easily from the excavator or front-end-loader cabins.

Source: Metso Mining and Construction Technology

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