Neptune Introduces Portable Max II to Eliminate Track-Out in Construction Applications


The MAX II (PR) Series Automated Wheel Wash System manufactured by IES is a self-contained wheel washing system that delivers two full tire revolutions of cleaning power and is designed for portable applications. The wash platform and water recycling tank are designed to be used above ground with the addition of 4,9 m ramps. The structure of the wheel wash unit itself is self-supporting and also serves as the water carrying channels for the system, so there is no piping throughout the wheel washing platform. By utilizing the square tubing of the structure, the system can handle extremely high volumes of water with minimal velocity drag. An ideal solution for construction applications, the MAXIMUS (PR) SERIES is suitable for all commercial vehicles and trailers that have permitted use on public roads and is specifically engineered using the principle of High volume and Low pressure to eliminate track-out.

The MAX II delivers flexibility and adjustability by offering the ability to reconfigure the installation configuration of each wheel washing system as needed. A gravity feed system has the capability of accepting ramps and being used above ground when needed or vice versa. The versatility of the systems allows customers to adjust to changing site situations. The side nozzles are adjustable three-piece ball nozzle assemblies for adjustability.

IES takes great pride in the fact that all of its Neptune Automated Wheel Wash Systems are manufactured in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The systems are built with standard American components and fittings that are readily available.

IES designs automated wheel washing systems for applications in light to medium soils, tacky and heavy soils; or those that address disinfectant and bio-security needs. Importantly, all systems offer a fully automated closed-loop water recycling and solids separation solution. IES offers nationwide sales, service, rental, and turnkey installation.

Source: IES

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