Shell Brings Ultra Long-Lasting Engine Coolant to Canada

Shell's newest extended life coolant (ELC), designed to run more than 960,000 km without an extender, is now available in Canada.

The company announced at ExpoCam that its Shell Rotella Ultra ELC, introduced first in the United States last August, can now be purchased north of the border.

“The inclusion of Shell Rotella Ultra ELC in the coolant portfolio for Canada is an important part of the continued growth and development of the Shell Rotella product line,” said Mark Reed, global brand manager for Shell Rotella. “This further strengthens our position as technology leaders by providing a diverse line of coolants and engine oil products that are designed to meet the challenges of today's and future heavy-duty engines.”

The new coolant is nitrite-free, making it a good fit for the newest generation engines, which contain more aluminum parts that can be corroded by nitrite-containing coolants, said Dan Beaudin, B2B direct marketing manager, fleets, with Shell Canada. He also noted the new coolant is ideal for hotter-running engines, including those using exhaust gas recirculation (EGR).

While Rotella Ultra ELC will carry a premium price, it will be recovered over the life of the product, especially since the user does not have to purchase an extender, he noted.

Some of the benefits of Rotella Ultra ELC include enhanced oxidation control and corrosion protection of aluminum alloys and lead solder, as well as better elastomer compatibility with silicone seals, the company says. It is available in two formulations: a ready-to-use pre-diluted 50/50 mix and a concentrate, which must first be mixed with demineralized water.

Rotella Ultra ELC rounds out Shell's coolant line, which also includes Rotella ELC (providing protection for more than 960,000 km with an extender required at 482,803 km) and Rotella Fully Formulated (providing protection for up to 402,336 km, provided the user monitors and maintains SCA additive levels).

Source: Shell

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