Value Tech Multi-Purpose Crushing Buckets

Value Tech multi-purpose crushing buckets are ideally suited for demolition and construction contractors who are frequently confronted with the problem of finding a convenient solution to enable the utilization of demolition rubble in situ on construction site without the necessity to use dedicated crushing equipment or hire a specialized contractor.

More and more, environmentally-friendly legislation makes it compulsory for developers and contractors to reuse construction and demolition waste as filler. This process also reduces demolition and construction costs by reducing landfill, haulage and material costs. It furthermore relieves traffic congestion on our roads, and critically for all of us, reduces the carbon footprint generated as a result of this activity.

The unique design concept whereby the side walls of the bucket can be removed to allow for mulching of large slabs of precast or demolition waste materials as the powerful hydraulically-operated auto-reversing crushing jaw performs as a primary breaker. On the other hand with the sidewalls attached, the unit can be used to further crush down rock or demolition waste materials to a size as required for the reuse of such materials on the development site.

While the unit is light weight when compared with competitor products it is constructed primarily from Hardox 400 and is equipped with removable tungsten tipped crushing picks and interchangeable Hardox crushing jaws with adjustability to vary output grain size. The unit is equipped with cutting bars on base and sides with removable digging teeth enhancing the durability and versatility of the equipment and thus leading to an excellent return on investment.

The Value Tech multi-purpose crushing bucket range fits excavators from 6 to 35 t in size. They are distributed in Canada by Conderoc Inc.

Source: Conderoc Inc.

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