Portable Wash Rack and Waste Water Treatment System
Helps Outback Mine Site Meet Requirements


Hydro Engineering Inc. was presented with a unique challenge to complete the design of a wash rack for equipment cleaning, capable of being installed in a remote mine site location. The wash rack had to meet all mine site safety requirements and very stringent environmental concerns had to be overcome. The design also had to handle very large equipment with GVW ratings of up to 260 t.

Hydro Engineering’s breakthrough green technologies are leading the way that equipment washing is completed for maintenance in remote environments. The Hydropad portable wash pad is perfect for companies, large or small, who are looking to comply with EPA rules and environmental laws.

The Hydropad wash rack and recycling system captures 100% of wash waste water. Waste water treatment cleans the water for recycling and reuse in the washing process. These above ground, steel equipment washracks are extremely durable and environmentally-friendly. The recycled water is filtered through the Hydrokleen filtration system, which uses stat-of-the-art materials of construction and manufacturing techniques to exceed requirements for performance, durability and corrosion prevention. The recycled water is then reused in the washing of large or small equipment. This technology has proved to be particularly useful in remote locations that do not have an available sewer connection.

Unlike many permanent equipment washing systems, all that is needed to set up and use the Hydropad wash rack is electric power, water, and a solid, almost level surface to set it on. Hydro Engineering Inc.’s products meet the requirement of secondary water containment, and do not require an architectural design. Hydropad instant wash racks rarely require a permit or construction, and are equipment rather than a capital construction project.

Hydro Engineering Inc. is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, and is now in its 32nd year of operation. The company is ISO9001 certified and prides itself in a top quality management system. They provide the finest in washing, collection and waste water treatment/recycling systems to thousands of customers worldwide. Other innovative products include Hydroblaster pressure washer, Hydrokleen waste water and filtration equipment, Hydro-biodigester odor control products, and the Hydropad above ground washing pads.

Some of their customers include; General Dynamics, Union Pacific Railroad, American Bonanza and all branches of the U.S. Military. Hydro Engineering, Inc. is now a global company, bringing innovative green technology to countries around the world.

Source: Hydro Engineering Inc.

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