A Revolution in Rock Excavation and Demolition


Grado Cero Group has manufacturing plants for the production of heavy-duty excavator buckets and patented Go Max quick couplers. At the same time one of their divisions is performing large rock excavation and trenching projects in the North of Spain. Thanks to this unique combination, they were able to invent and develop a completely new attachment to execute these difficult projects much faster and at a much lower cost.

In the beginning of 2009 the first prototypes started to work for severe practical tests in all kind of different rock conditions resulting in a 100% reliable, efficient and maintenance-free attachment: the Xcentric® Ripper.

Economical and financial demands in the market are always pushing for increased performance and production output in rock excavation and demolition. At the same time, clients are asking for lower maintenance costs, less down time and better warranty conditions.The Xcentric® Ripper is more productive in most applications than a regular hydraulic breaker.

The Xcentric® Ripper´s closed energy chamber cannot be influenced or damaged from the outside by dust, water, dirt or what so ever. This means that it can work without any problem in the most severe conditions in tunnels, foundations, muddy and wet places. Even all kinds of work under water in for example harbors, canals and open sea can be done without making any special expensive and complicated preparations.

A full product line of 8 models is available for excavators from 10 t up to 100 t.

Source: Xcentric Ripper International

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