Conderoc Introduces New Products


Conderoc Equipment Inc. introduces two new products to the Canadian market.

The first is the Vibrating Wheel Compactor made by Simex, ideally suited for compacting trench backfill material to provide a firm bed for a new asphalt layer. By eliminating the risk of future subsidence, it ensures maximum safety for road traffic. A freewheel feature allows the material to be compacted without drag and prevents build-up at the wheel.

Exceptionally good vibration damping protects the driving machine and enhances operator comfort. The vibration frequency is adjustable to insure correct compacting of different types of material. The pads are also easily replaceable.

The second product is the Road Widener. The flexible skid steer or compact loader attachment is a must-have for provincial and municipal highway departments, road contractors and landscapers that are looking for greater operating efficiency and greater productivity in road shouldering and other aggregate dispersal.

This new machine is the most flexible and portable road widener on the market. It offers the best cost/ton ratio for dispersing aggregate, when compared to traditional large road wideners. The Road Widener skid steer attachment will let you reduce your operating costs for road work, other shouldering, trench work and landscaping.

The machine features an adjustable slope and can work on widths of 30 cm to 106 cm. It can be easily loaded by tilting the hopper forward. The Road Widener can disperse a 20 t truckload of gravel in minutes. It can easily maneuver around mailboxes, sign posts, guardrails and other impediments at speeds of over 19 km/h.

Conderoc Equipment Inc. is a Canadian company which sells and distributes heavy machinery and specialized equipment used in construction, crushing, and screening.

Source: Conderoc Equipment Inc.


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