As the Going Gets Tough,
Sandvik Gets Tougher


Sandvik Construction’s extensive range of rock tools are world renowned for combining advanced materials technology, with skillful design focusing on performance, simplicity and endurance. The latest member of the range is the RH460 series of down-the-hole hammers, which have been developed to give customers even higher levels of productivity and reliability, whilst simultaneously delivering lower operating costs.

The new Sandvik RH460 series of DTH hammers has been developed in order to provide drilling customers with the enhanced levels of penetration rates, longer service life and lower operating costs that they now demand. Possessing key features that optimize the impact-energy transmission into the rock, utilizing very few parts, they are designed to be reliable, easy to service, and fast.

Continuous improvement has been the key to the development of the Sandvik RH460 series, and it has only the constant search for enhanced performance, through productivity, that has allowed Sandvik to deliver the operational improvements its customers demanded from their DTH hammers. Thus, with the RH460 Sandvik is able to provide customers with higher impact energy and drill performance, whilst maximizing productivity in almost all ground conditions.

The mantra behind the design has been to test and evaluate; this has led to the RH460 design being able to prolong hammer life and increase drilling penetration rates. At its core is the ability of the RH460 to utilize an enhanced air cycle which leads to a reduction in fuel consumption. Furthermore, power levels improve productivity through better lubrication capabilities and increased resistance against galling; all combined with developments in the piston bearing design. Put quite simply; piston and hammer life are dramatically increased.

The new Sandvik RH460 series hammers will be available in 10.1 cm, 12.7 cm and 15.2 cm, with all versions being designed to utilize bits with generic shank types. The uncompromising nature of the design, and the development of the concept being focused on operational efficiencies, will ensure that this ground breaking range of DTH hammers fulfills Sandvik’s commitment to - when the going gets tough, Sandvik gets tougher.

Source: Sandvik Construction

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