Bauer Realizes Remediation at Center Hill Dam

BAUER Foundation Corp., local subsidiary of BAUER Spezialtiefbau GmbH, took responsibility of an extremely challenging dam remediation from spring 2013 on. The Center Hill Dam near Smithville, Tennessee, was built in 1948 as a means of river control and for production of energy. Ever growing damage on the sides, rock erosion and caverns are destabilizing the entire system and leading to water loss. The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Nashville District, contracted Bauer to construct a cut-off wall in a project worth over $120 million (US$108 million). This is the biggest single order the BAUER Group has ever had.

The first step was to expand the dam crest, to create room and stability for the large pieces of equipment. The first step in the construction work is to execute a foundation barrier wall in the earthen base of the dam. The construction is up to 100 m deep, socketed into rock 30 to 50 m. The entire wall is 280 m long.

The project is extremely demanding. Verticality of the highest precision is required: for a diaphragm wall panel or a bored pile, deviation of only 25 cm is allowed at the depth of 100 m. The supplier of concrete has erected a concrete factory close to the construction site for the 60,000 m3 of concrete, required for the project. The logistics of the construction site are also a big challenge due to the limited space.

The project is being executed with the BAUER Maschinen GmbH equipment with the biggest performance capacity, in parts specifically modified or even constructed to fit the purpose: Operating next to one BC 50 trench cutter – panel size 3.20 x 2.25 m – mounted on a heavy cycle crane MC 128 are one diaphragm wall grab on a MC 96 and a BG 50 rotary drilling rig with a 100 m long kelly. A new method of cut-off wall construction is used for the first time, executed with a Wassara-water-hammer on a Klemm KR 806 drilling rig.

The entire process is computer monitored. About 220 employees work round the clock in three shifts. The project is to be completed in the spring of 2015. The preliminary work alone – mobilization and site set-up – took one whole year.
Source: BAUER Spezialtiefbau GmbH

Source: Bauer Maschinen GmbH

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