Adjust Paving Width on the Fly
with Bergkamp’s Unique Variable Width Spreader Box

Bergkamp Inc. offers its Variable Width Spreader Box (VSB) to provide better flexibility for micro surfacing contractors that work on highways, roads and other pavements where the width fluctuates throughout the job. The proven VSB can expand and contract while paving so you do not have to stop when the road changes – eliminating unwanted construction joints and increasing pavement driving quality. It has 4 augers; the first 2 feed the material to the center of the box while the other 2 evenly distribute the mix during placement. As the box adjusts, the augers remain equally spaced apart so you get an even placement and a smooth finish. Even at the smallest width, the auger blades never touch, making it easy to clean because the micro surfacing material does not build up between them. The VSB is available in 2.4 m to 4.0 m, 2.7 m to 4.3 m and 3.0 m to 4.6 m models. Widths up to 4.9 m are available by special order. Each model allows you to pave at any width between the minimum and maximum size.

As the first of its kind, the VSB is made for Bergkamp pavers, but can also be customized for other brands worldwide. It easily replaces standard boxes, connecting to the frame of the micro surfacing paver like other spreader boxes. The VSB is connected to the paver’s hydraulic system and adjusts by using the levers located on the handrails of the box. The hydraulically driven ribbon augers are fully expandable, and feature a 30.5 cm pitch. Both the primary and secondary strike-offs feature a patented design that allows them to slide within a guide tube when the box expands or contracts while paving, and inboard runners provide clean longitudinal joints.

Along with the VSB, Bergkamp offers an industry leading line of other spreader boxes for all applications. They include: 

  • Hydraulic Spreader Box – Designed specifically for micro surfacing and quick-set slurry seal mixes. Once the pins are removed, widths can be hydraulically adjusted from 2.4 m to 4.3 m in 15 cm increments. Widths up to 4.9 m are available by special order;
  • Slurry Seal Box – Available with or without augers for typical slurry seal applications. The width is manually adjustable from 2.7 m to 4.3 m in 15 cm increments. Widths up to 4.9 m are available by special order; and
  • Rut Box – Allows filling of wheel path ruts to the desired level without wasting material. Two independently adjustable V-shaped screeds channel the mix’s larger-sized aggregate to the deeper part of the rut. It is available in 1.5 m or 1.8 m widths.

Source: Bergkamp Inc.

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