Snow... No Match for Contant Snowblowers

As the population in Canada continues to grow, and traffic volumes continue to increase, a need has quickly emerged to move large volumes of snow to regional snow management repositories (snow dumps). This task requires machines capable of efficiently moving large mounds of dense snow quickly. That is where Cat® ACERT™ engine muscle makes its mark for Cat customer Contant Inc.

Canadian manufacturer Contant Inc. offers high-volume industrial snowblowers designed to direct snow vertically, maximizing the capacity of existing snow dumps.

“Our industrial snowblowers direct the snow in a snow dump to where space is free (vertically),” explained Michel Nadon, Contant general manager. “In a typical snow dump, we are restrained by capacity. The higher we can pile snow, however, the more we can expand the capacity of the dump.”

Contant snowblowers can project snow to heights from 24 m to 42 m, higher than any other snowblower on the market.

“We build snowblowers with a variety of horsepower options (300 hp to 1,350 hp) to fit the large capacity needs of snow dump operators as well as the smaller capacity needs of snow removal from city streets,” added Mr. Nadon.

The largest Contant snowblower, the C-2032D, incorporates a Cat C32 rated at 1,350 hp. This industrial snowblower is capable of directing the snow 42.7 m vertically – which can effectively double the capacity of a snow dump.

The same C-2032D can also be fitted with a Cat C18 engine rated at 800 hp or a Cat C27 rated at 1,150 hp. The company also offers additional industrial snowblower models for snow dump applications including the C-1230D and C-1830D, both powered with a Cat C13 engine rated at 520 hp. Smaller models are powered by a Cat C7 engine rated at 300 hp or a Cat C9 engine rated at 375 hp.

“We use only Cat engines in our industrial snow dump snowblowers line,” added Michel Nadon.

To date, Contant receives its ACERT engines from the local Cat dealer, Hewitt Equipment, in Pointe-Claire, Quebec.

“Service from Hewitt Equipment has been top notch,” according to Mr. Nadon. “Dominic Deguire at Hewitt Equipment has been very easy to reach and has been instrumental in helping us plan our new Tier 4 installations. We will install Tier 4 engines this winter in two of our models of snow dump snowblowers,” he said.

“We are currently expanding our product line and our market reach,” he said. “we are looking forward to continuing to expand in areas of the United States. We have begun to sell our snowblowers to customers in Colorado, Montana and Alaska, and we have plans to continue with additional market representation in other states.”

We are prepared to handle large volume of snow,” concluded Michel Nadon. “Now, we just need that snow to fall.”

Source: Contant Inc.

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