A Stacking Challenge...
the AC 40 City Comes to the Rescue

At first glance, this project did not look particularly challenging, but when taking into account all the jobsite restrictions, German crane service provider Schmidbauer realized that it needed to execute a high precision masterpiece. Stacking containerized offices can be an everyday task, but when this is carried out indoors and with minimum space to maneuver, its another thing. For this job, Schmidbauer used a crane that is globally known to work in tight spaces, the Terex® AC 40 City crane.

“There weren’t any viable alternatives to begin with – no other crane had the design characteristics required to handle the job. Without the AC 40 City crane, we simply wouldn’t have been able to take on the project,” explains Christian Schlagbauer, the branch manager at the Schmidbauer Group’s Ingolstadt office. Schlagbauer also values the Terex crane due to its compact design and fast telescoping action under load.

In addition to the lack of space, the project also held another challenge: In order not to disturb the production work at the logistics warehouse, all lifts would have to be carried out during a single Saturday. This is where the Terex AC 40 City crane’s ease of mobilization and fast assembly proved to be invaluable, the team was able to drive the crane to the jobsite and set it up in just 30 minutes.

The mission: to stack 16 containers inside the building. To be able to perform the lifts despite the lack of space, the Schmidbauer team mounted a runner with the maximum possible offset directly on the crane’s main boom. In addition, they forewent a hoist rope and used swivel hooks instead. This made it possible for the AC 40 City crane to literally put the 6 m long, 2.5 t containers in chains at all four corners and then lift them using a radius of about 10 m. “With this configuration, I was able to bring the upper containers to the required height and then set them down on the lower ones without running into the ceiling structure or into any lighting fixtures or pipes,” reports crane operator Steffen Jaenecke, who was able to reliably complete the job within the required timeframe. “After just 10 hours, all 16 containers were where they needed to be,” he added.

As the most compact unit in the 40 t capacity class from the City crane series, the Terex® AC 40 City crane model is particularly well-suited to operations in constrained spaces. The crane’s overall height makes it possible to cope with clearance heights as low as 2.99 m, while a total length of only 8.57 m and a carrier length of 7.34 m provides a high level of maneuverability. The three-axle crane’s maneuverability is further enhanced by its independent rear-axle steering. The AC 40 City crane can travel on public roads with its maximum system length of 44.2 m, representing yet another advantage.

The telescopic main boom’s length ranges from 7.80 to 31.2 m, while the four boom head sheaves are designed for maximum loads of up to 34.4 t. A heavy-lift attachment with an additional sheave, one of the many options available for the unit, makes it possible to achieve a maximum lifting capacity of 40 t. Other available options include 7.1 m and 13 m main boom extensions with a folding jib/double fly jib, as well as a three-sheave, 1.2 m-long assembly jib designed for loads of up to 15 t. Finally, the crane’s standard counterweight weighs 5.45 t.

The Schmidbauer Group comprises over 20 locations throughout Germany. Schmidbauer GmbH & Co. KG’s headquarters are located in Gräfelfing, near Munich. In addition, the Schmidbauer Group includes Fricke-Schmidbauer Schwerlast GmbH and Rieger & Moser GmbH & Co. KG.

The company has a well-established image as a state-of-the-art system service provider and heavy load service specialist with operations focusing mainly on the construction, chemical, electric power, machine building, and plant building industries. The Schmidbauer Group’s core competencies include the provision of mobile cranes for a wide variety of requirements, multimodal logistics strategies for heavy haulage projects, performing demanding assembly jobs, and developing and implementing technical heavy load solutions.

Source: Terex Corporation

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