Åkerströms’ Modern Door-Opening Solution for Swedish Industry

Åkerströms Björbo AB recently received a large order from one of Sweden’s major hot-dip galvanizing companies for replacing existing older Åkerströms radio systems for opening and closing doors. The order is valued at SEK 200,000 ($31,000).

The older door opening system, the Sesam 2000, was removed from Åkerströms’ product range some time ago since components and electronics had become more expensive and some parts could no longer be obtained. These products have now been replaced by the Sesam 800, a more modern radio system that uses new technology.

The replacement covers about 40 radio systems consisting of transmitter model Sesam 800 Large 99 with accompanying holder and a wall-mounted receiver. The transmitters are placed in the production facility’s forklift trucks that retrieve and deliver goods.

By simply pressing a button on the transmitter, the forklift driver can open and close the selected door instead of getting out of the machine to push a button next to the door. Then the driver can close the door immediately to prevent heating/cooling from escaping. This type of remote control is an efficient, ergonomic, energy-saving solution.

Source: Åkerströms Björbo AB

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