Hilti Tool Services Warranty Redefined

Hilti’s new Tool Warranty 20/2/1 is simply unmatched in the industry and redefines what construction professionals should expect from tool warranties.

The new warranty covers customers for “20, 2 and 1”, including repair or replacement of parts as a result of defects in materials or workmanship for 20 years; repair of tools at no cost for 2 years from date of purchase even if damage is from wear and tear, and 1-day turnaround on repairs, guaranteed.*

Hilti’s 20 year limited warranty is the longest in the industry and is possible because of Hilti’s commitment to the highest quality standards.

The 2 year wear and tear coverage is incredibly valuable; Hilti does not charge for repair parts, labor, or even shipping. Most warranties exclude damage due to wear and tear, but Hilti explicitly covers it.

When a tool needs to be repaired, Hilti guarantees a 1-day turnaround from receipt in a Hilti tool service center or the repair is free. That speed of turnaround is unmatched in the industry and helps ensure customers stay productive on their jobs.

For customers who want an even higher level of service, there is Hilti’s Tool Fleet Management. Through this program contractors get regular tool upgrades, full ongoing wear and tear coverage, theft coverage, loaner tools, and customized tool labels all for a low, fixed-monthly cost.

Hilti Tool Services including the Tool Warranty 20/2/1, Tool Fleet Management, and ON!Track Asset Management help customers make more money with less risk by providing professionals with the tools they need to keep jobsites productive.

*Some limitations apply. Contact Hilti for details.

Source: Hilti, Inc.

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