John Deere 904 P-Tier Wheel Loader




John Deere is bolstering its wheel loader lineup with the highlight of the 904 P-Tier wheel loader, showcased for the first-time at World of Asphalt and AGG1 in March. Available soon, the new 904 P-Tier is a 2-pass loader solution that provides the durability and reliability to take on processed aggregate stockpiles and more efficiently load trucks or rail cars all day long.

Based on proven components and designs, the new 904 P-Tier offers obstacle intelligence features, such as the Advanced Vision System – an industry first for loaders. This allows increased visibility to sides of the machine by integrating 2 digital cameras on the rearview mirror platform and combines views into a dedicated single display in the cab. The 904 P-Tier also offers an improved rear object detection system. This feature overlays a projected vehicle reversible path within the same dedicated monitor, enhancing the operator’s experience and situational awareness. These features, coupled with premium cab comfort options, ensure operators remain productive throughout the day.

The 904 P-Tier comes equipped with 7.5- and 7.1-m3 material-handling buckets with integrated spill guards and curved side cutters, and seat-mounted hydraulic controls for easier and more intuitive operation. High-capacity, heavy-duty axles with standard axle cooling filtration deliver durability in difficult conditions compared to previous models. With its large tilt cylinders and impressive hydraulic pressures, engine power and torque, it provides the muscle for operators to work comfortably. With advantages, such as fuel-efficient engines, lockup torque converters and a dedicated steering pump, operators can do more while burning less fuel.

Source: Deere & Company

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