Enerpac SyncHoist Used on a Paris Jobsite




Chantiers Modernes Construction, the Île-de-France Public Works Division of VINCI Construction France, used an Enerpac SyncHoist system for precision installation of concrete beams across rail tracks in the eastern part of Paris. The MV10P project on the Avenue de France in the 13th arrondissement aims to create a new 10,000 m2 space above the tracks for the construction of office, residential and commercial premises, as well as hotel facilities.

Covering the railway tracks between the Paris Austerlitz station and the Boulevard de Marechaux, the project integrates reinforced concrete beams laid across the railway tracks 9 m below. Over the next 2 years, a total of 100 beams weighing up to 215 t and measuring up to 26 m long, 2.5 m wide and 3.5 m deep will be positioned by Enerpac SyncHoist lifting cylinders suspended beneath a spreader beam lifted by a Liebherr LTM 1600 crane provided by the Mediaco Levage Group.

Benefits of using the Enerpac SyncHoist for this project include the ability to stabilize the beam by monitoring the load on each hoist, evaluate the load on the lifting rope slings and the ease of manipulating the beam to achieve an accurate, level positioning. The SyncHoists are controlled wirelessly, allowing the operator to work at a safe distance and oversee the entire hoisting job. No cables are needed, so there is no risk of entanglement or tripping hazards.

“Safety is our first consideration when planning a lift. We especially liked the way the SyncHoist’s wireless operation allows us to evaluate and control the beam’s stability, as well as achieving the precise positioning required for this project,” said Jonathan Marin, project manager, Mediaco Levage Group.

“It is a very complex site where all lifting movements must be carefully planned, especially as we are working at night to minimize disruption to the rail network. The Enerpac SyncHoist has given us the degree of positioning control we were looking for when installing the concrete beams,” commented Paul Vanbergue, chief engineer at Chantiers Modernes Construction.

Precise Control
The below-the-hook Enerpac SyncHoist range includes lifting cylinders with 110 and 225-t capacities, plunger strokes of 1 and 1.5 m and are capable of high precision lifting accuracy of ±1 mm over the full stroke. For repetitive hoisting tasks, the controller can also be pre-programmed for positioning, tilting and aligning of loads.

Source: Enerpac

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