RM XSMART Telemetry & Fleet Management




A smooth operation means more profits. That is why RUBBLE MASTER has launched RM XSMART telemetry & fleet management that helps contractors get more clarity about their operation to identify blind spots and improve processes. It also assists operators with more information about the condition of their machines to become more proactive and accelerate service processes.

RM XSMART is available as an app on your phone or your desktop computer to access machine data anywhere, at any time. Operators can monitor fuel levels, reset belt scales, and track their tonnages with an optional belt scale conveniently from their cab.

Traditional handwritten log books become obsolete because RM XSMART documents machine utilization such as run time, operating hours, and tonnages, which can be easily shared with your client or back-office. The operator can choose between a job report that documents the progress of a specific job or a daily report that summarizes the day’s achievements.

Less experienced operators often struggle with new machinery. Without confidence and quality feedback, operators are held back, delay decisions, and become frustrated. The new Performance Indicator provides instant visual feedback to the operator to help him find the sweet spot so that the machine is pushed to its maximum to increase production and profits. LED light bars underneath the feeder show the utilization of the machine based on engine load and feed speed to help operators adjust their feeding behavior.

As diesel prices soar, energy efficiency, alternative energy sources, and efficient drives become more crucial than ever. RUBBLE MASTER has been using fuel-efficient diesel-electric direct drives from day one to improve your bottom line. All products will be available either with the proven diesel-electric direct drive or hybrid drive. The hybrid option gives owners the freedom of choice between the onboard diesel engine or another RUBBLE MASTER machine.

RUBBLE MASTER constantly thinks of how the construction site of the future will look. RM XSMART, the new Performance Indicator, and electrification are the building blocks for a smarter and autonomous future jobsite where anybody can achieve a high tonnage output with less hassle at optimum costs.

Source: RM Group

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