New Cases Allow Safe Transport of Lithium-Ion Batteries


DENIOS-US introduces a complete line of BatterySafe cases designed specifically to transport lithium-ion batteries in accord with international regulations. Batteries are surrounded by cushions filled with Pyrobubbles® - an extinguishing agent which provides protection against thermal runaway, and exothermic reactions.

Reusable, and easy to use, they have an operating temperature range from -20°C to 80°C, and a storage temperature range from 15.5°F to 30°C.  Compliant with international regulations, including special regulation 376 , packaging instruction 908 ADR for damaged and defective lithium-ion batteries, special regulation 310, packaging instruction P 910 for transport of prototypes, and special regulation 377, packaging instruction 909 for transport for recycling for undamaged and non-defective, or End of Life (ELO) lithium-ion batteries. BatterySafe cases offer peace of mind, knowing that the lithium-ion batteries are stored safely and compliantly, whether shipping batteries for development, distribution, or disposal.

Available in various sizes, they are ideal for li-ion batteries for e-bikes, power tools, laptop and mobile batteries, automobile batteries, e-vehicle batteries, and more.

Pyrobubbles® are an extinguishing agent that has been positively tested by the MPA Dresden (according to DIN EN 3-7), for solid and liquid flammable substances (fire classes A, B, D, and F).

BatterySafe® Cases are the latest li-ion safety product from DENIOS. With products including large storage buildings, cabinets for small storage and battery charging, spill kit caddies for an immediate response, and more, DENIOS has a solution to handle any lithium-ion battery need safely and efficiently. BatterySafe® cases are available from the DENIOS-US factory in Louisville, Kentucky, with industry leading lead times.

Source: DENIOS

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