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GeoRocFor, the Canadian leader in drilling products and the only North-American specialist manufacturing concentric drilling systems (CAS), now offers a complete drilling solution service. In addition to offering a multitude of quality overburden drilling systems, GeoRocFor can also prepare all of you micro pile jobs up to 1,220 mm in diameter.

This includes sale of pipes, cutting, threading, facing and beveling, splice welding, shoe welding, and material storage.

With its new state of the art factory, GeoRocFor offers quality services to get the job done. The shop is equipped with a large cutting saw and the tools to do direct threading/facing/beveling on long pipes (up to 80’ (24.3 m) -long).

GeoRocFor also has a robot welding machine, 60’ (18.3 m) -robotic cell for pipe welding, a plasma cutting table, large bore lathes, and all of the heavy machinery needed to handle material in and out of the yard.

Furthermore, you can count on Georocfor’s qualified/certified CWB welders and inspector to carry out your projects.

Founded in 1985 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, GeoRocFor is dedicated to producing innovative products that increase productivity in the drilling field.

Source: GeoRocFor Accessories Inc.

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