Kubota Joins Industry Alliance to Enhance Hydrogen Engine Development


Kubota has underlined its commitment to contributing towards a climate-neutral, sustainable future by joining Allianz Hydrogen Engine, an organisation which pools knowledge from industry and research.

The move is the latest initiative by Kubota Business Unit Engines Europe which is advancing the use of several alternative fuels such as hydrogen. Kubota’s concept 3.8 l, 85 kW (114 hp), hydrogen engine has already been publicly unveiled and has already been attracting widespread industry interest.

Kubota’s in-house engine development programme provides a wide range of established and new, leading-edge hybrid and hydrogen models which are ideally suited for future generations of machinery for a range of sectors.

“The use of hydrogen to power engines in a variety of equipment applications offers a multitude of advantages for operators and the wider environment,” said Xavier Hamel, Senior Product Manager, Product Promotion Office for Kubota Business Unit Engines Europe. “Our Kubota H2 hydrogen engine eliminates carbon dioxide emissions and by keeping the size or footprint of the existing engine we have maintained the variety of accessory selections and compatibility with customer applications.”

As hydrogen powertrain technology is already advanced it can be adopted across many markets and sectors and when hydrogen is made from “green electricity” it contributes greatly to the creation of a climate-neutral mobility industry.

Andreas Kufferath, from the Board of Management of Allianz Hydrogen Engine, welcomes Kubota as a new member of Allianz. Allianz Hydrogen Engine is looking forward to the cooperation and exchange with Kubota.

Source: Kubota

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