The BladeLifter Is the Perfect Choice for Even the Longest Rotor Blades


Due to its enormous performance reserves, the 4th generation SCHEUERLE BladeLifter (G4) allows fleet operators to have a high level of investment security as well as economic efficiency and offers excellent transport safety even when transporting the longest rotor blades.

Steil Kranarbeiten, a company based in Trier, Germany, has used this solution for numerous last-mile transports of rotor blades up to 84 m long to wind farm facilities and is extremely impressed with the qualities of the rotor blade adapter.

“The BladeLifter G4 from TII SCHEUERLE actually drives really well. It is ideally suited for this rotor blade especially because we can also drive the rotor blade adapter with its maximum width of 3.49 m which ensures a high level of transport safety given the dimensions of this load,” said Daniel Schulz, team leader at Steil Kranarbeiten.

The company had previously used the transport solution to safely move 79-m long rotor blades over the last mile to wind farms and has also tested the 4th generation BladeLifter prototype.

“There were a small number of things that TII SCHEUERLE optimized after our initial testing. The support we receive is very good. The company’s employees always listen very carefully to our concerns and the experts who advise us on site during the operation know exactly what they are doing. They are available to us at all times,” said Mr. Schulz.

He is particularly impressed by the performance and functionality of the system when using the rotor blade adapter on an InterCombi self-propeled combination complete with 2x 6-axle lines from TII SCHEUERLE. The BladeLifter G4 provides a particularly high load moment across the entire set-up angle.

The system guarantees up to 900 tm and a maximum installation angle of 60°. In the case of the 84-m long blade, the maximum load moment required during transport was 580 tm. The system therefore has sufficient reserves to accommodate future rotor blades whose length will continue to increase. The more powerful wind turbines will soon have rotor blades of up to 100 m long. The BladeLifter G4 thus offers all customers the greatest possible investment security.

In turn, the high set-up angle of 60° ensures the best possible maneuverability. This means rotor blades can be swiveled over obstacles such as buildings and carriageway dividers. In wooded areas with limited clearance profiles, a high set-up angle means that less branch removals and tree felling are necessary, increasing the number of possible routes and reducing the time and effort required for route planning. Moreover, the amount of infrastructure reconstruction measures along with the number of tree prunings also decrease. This is also helped by the fact that the BladeLifter G4 can be operated using 2 widths, namely 3.00 m and 3.49 m. On the one hand, this facilitates a high level of driving stability as well as structural integrity when transporting large rotor blades and, on the other, more compact designs with reduced space requirements.

The rotor blade adapter can also be easily adapted to suit different root diameters and also features a new height adjustment characteristic to allow it to be driven under bridges when loaded.

Furthermore, TII SCHEUERLE has developed a drawbar coupling element in order to support the self-propeled combination when negotiating extreme gradients or to be pulled quickly with a tractor unit during empty runs. Both accelerate the transportation process enormously and save time which is a particularly valuable commodity in the special transport business.

Another advance in the latest generation of the BladeLifter is the optimized remote diagnosis feature and stability monitoring. With the help of remote diagnosis, fleet operators gain access to all status updates of the transport solution.

Since the distances on the last mile are constantly becoming longer, the transport speed has a significant impact on the cost-effectiveness of the transport. A tractor unit can be conveniently connected to the BladeLifter combination using the drawbar element. In space-restricted areas, the BladeLifter operates as a self-propeled vehicle. This procedure can reduce the transport time by up to 20%. As rotor blade transport increasingly has to cope with demanding inclines and declines, TII SCHEUERLE offers specially profiled tires for the required extra traction.

With the 4th generation BladeLifter, TII SCHEUERLE provides all customers with an extremely powerful transport solution for the last mile of rotor blade transport which is also suitable for meeting the challenges of the future due to its large performance reserves.

Source: TII Scheuerle

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