Get It Straight With Tamrock Ranger Rock Pilot

Sandvik Tamrock Corp., Surface Division


At Samoter 2005 exhibition, Tamrock introduced the latest development in drilling rigs - the Ranger Rock Pilot series. These rigs bring hole quality and reliable performance to the highest level. In addition, they are designed to meet the ever-increasing environmental needs.

The Ranger Rock Pilot series makes life easy to all drilling professionals who value precision in performance. The new Rock Pilot drilling control system for Rangers guarantees straight hole quality and excellent performance even in the most demanding ground conditions. The system resembles the earlier introduced Rock Pilot drilling control in the Tamrock Panteras but is especially customized to meet the needs of construction applications where Rangers are most commonly used.

The Rock Pilot drilling control system guarantees smooth drilling, straight holes and excellent performance even in the most demanding ground conditions. The Rock Pilot's super-fast control adjusts drilling power automatically, reacting to changing rock formations and sending the optimal amount of power to the rock. Because of all this, hole quality rocket sky high and steel life is extended dramatically.

Another new and practical feature in the Ranger Rock Pilot series is a large fuel tank. Being 30% bigger than before, it gives a significant advantage over traditional rigs as it keeps the Ranger drilling more than 12 hours without a stop.

Moreover, the Ranger Rock Pilot series meet all current safety standards and feature fully-fledged, high-suction capacity dust collectors that guarantee low level of unwanted emissions to the environment. Their advanced design brings down dust collector noise and power consumption.

Ranger Rock Pilot series is equipped with high rotation torque HL series hydraulic top hammer rock drills. An optimal hammer and power pack for each model ensures that every hole size between 64 - 127 mm (2 12" - 5") can be drilled efficiently.

Tamrock has also put serious effort to make the operator's working conditions enjoyable. The new Ranger series has advanced air filtration that keeps the cabin air fresh and clean. The temperature stays on a comfortable level thanks to a sophisticated air conditioning system.

Naturally, the new Ranger Rock Pilot series includes all the excellent features the standard Ranger models do such as a revolving (120°/180° optional) superstructure. This solution offers a huge drilling coverage of 17,6 m2 (189 ft2) (26,4 m2 (248 ft2) optional), and lets the operator face towards the drilling spot at all times. The rig's stability is rock solid; the power pack is placed crosswise at the rear end of the superstructure to keep counterweight on the opposite side of the boom regardless of drilling direction

The Ranger's famous ROPS and FOPS-certified safety cabin is still in place; its heavy-duty construction protects the operator like no other cabin and puts the noise levels well under 80 dB (A). Thanks to big laminated windows, excellent visibility, adjustable seat and simple controls, the operator feels at one with the machine.

The Rock Pilot series consists of three models: Ranger 700, Ranger 780 and Ranger 800.

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