Bri-Mar's Dump Trailers Save Time and Money


Bri-Mar dump trailers fulfill a number of uses - anything from landscaping projects, roofing and siding jobs and building renovation jobs. These dump trailers can eliminate the need for a roll-off container or mason dump and thus further eliminate the need for the high cost of fuel, added insurance and in many states, the need for a CDL.

Bri-Mar offers a broad range of single and tandem axle designs to suit a wide variety of applications. These rugged and dependable dump trailers come with Bri-Mar's two-year warranty, one of the best in the industry. All models feature bright LED lights, radial tires, Valspar powder-coat finishes, BullDog jacks and tie-down rails. The quality and versatility of these products are appealing to the contractor and homeowner customers who invest in them.

One such customer is Peter Jomides, who manages jobsites for Tally Construction, based in Tenafly, NJ. Tally's market is situated in an affluent and heavily populated area a few miles from New York City where the remodeling business continues to thrive as people invest in their current homes instead of purchasing new.

In New Jersey, typical jobsite roll-off dumpsters require CDL licenses to deliver, remove and empty. Drivers of pick-up trucks with Bri-Mar Dump Trailers only need regular driver licenses for the pick-ups in their fleet. The cost to register and insure the dump trailers is nominal. "Eliminating the need for a CDL license means that any one of our 23 trucks is always available to pull a Bri-Mar for me," says Peter Jomides.

Tally bought their first Bri-Mar and then bought six more trailers within the span of a few years. The DT714LPHD that Tally orders is 4,26m long and 2,13m wide and has a 10 gauge steel floor and 12 gauge steel sides. The GVWR is 6350 kg. and it has an empty weight of 2032 kg. This becomes a critical factor when dumping debris.

Maintenance issues are minimal due to ongoing Bri-Mar enhancements. Peter Jomides calls Bri-Mar service, "Just great! These hold up no matter what we do to them." Bri-Mar trailers have actually helped sell Tally Construction services in upscale neighborhoods. A dump container would be totally out of the question. Drivers easily move and park Bri-Mar trailers without damaging paving stones, sprinkler systems or lawns. Jomides testifies, "Our Bri-Mar trailers help close deals, go where we need them, work 24/7 and do more for less money."

Source: Bri-Mar Manufacturing


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