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Brun-Way Highway Operations Inc., a joint venture formed by Atcon Construction Inc. and SNC-Lavalin Group Inc., two expert highway engineers and builders, is determined to maintain their section of the new Trans-Canada Highway in New Brunswick. This goes beyond snow and ice control, weeding, mowing and a multitude of other tasks, it will include crack sealing and joint repair from the outset.

The section of motorway from the Quebec frontier to Fredericton was completed and opened for use in the past 18 months. Knowing that crack sealing is an inexpensive and effective way to maximize roadway lifespan, Brun-way staff wanted to start as they mean to continue. "We knew that cracks would begin to appear almost immediately and wanted to limit the deterioration of the driving surface. Once moisture is allowed to reach the substrate the pavement lifespan declines dramatically. The most effective practice is to a begin crack sealing programme within the first 12-24 months of operation," according to Connie Stairs, Brun-Way Operations project & structure engineer.

The recognition of sealing as an integral part of routine maintenance reflects changing attitudes by roads authorities and the rising cost of hot mix asphalt. This desire to achieve a 30+ year lifespan from a 30-year motorway has long been misunderstood and ignored. Part of this misunderstanding were the available technologies to perform reliable, cost effective sealing. The primary issue is the ability to accurately apply material at precise temperatures; failure to do so creates poor adhesion of the sealant. Too often the concept of reliably heating rubberized asphalt and controlling the application temperature has been dismissed. Many still have a limited grasp of what technology is suitable to the task at hand. Fortunately for Brun-way, Cimline has been pioneering and refining melter/applicator technology for 40 years.

Cimline, the cornerstone arm of the Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group, is well known to pavement maintenance professionals across Canada and around the world. "Specializing in pavement preservation and maintenance allows us to consolidate and concentrate expertise that is often difficult for a customer to find," says Rob Holden, Cimline's Canadian manager. "When Brun-way approached us, we were able to advise and educate them before they made an operational plan. This is something we do for all of our customers regardless of their situation," he added.

With municipal and contractor machines performing daily in Canada, Cimline's Magma Series melter/applicator could be readily researched and examined by Brun-way for their specific needs. After a review of crew and other factors a 230 DHRD was chosen, and may have been seen by many at the Atlantic Heavy Equipment Show, in Moncton. Having the only proven dual hose technology available, the lowest loading heights, recirculation and AfterBurnr® technology, the Magma is the state-of-the-art melter/applicator available today. The use of an obround vat, angled diesel burner, and continuous recirculation allows Magma to have the lowest heat transfer oil volume and the highest recovery time in the industry. This results in fuel and labour savings as well as increased production.

"I was amazed when we did the initial start-up. The ambient temperature was about -10°C, and the unit was empty and we were ready for work in about 45 minutes," said Jason Lanteigne of J.A. Larue, the authorized Cimline dealer for New Brunswick. "The ability to handle the large discs was also impressive and further improves productivity," according to him.

The Cimline Magma Series of melter applicators are well known throughout the pavement maintenance industry. With units in service across Canada, with municipal, provincial and contractor crews, Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group has proven its technologies and quality nationally and internationally. Committed to roadway preservation, the use of quality materials and equipment, Brun-way Operations is positioned to ensure the Trans-Canada Highway will reliably courier goods and people for years to come.

Source: Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group

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