Pavement Maintenance Speciality Event


Probably the least understood aspect of public works is pavement maintenance and preservation. This is partially owing to the lack of glamour and also to the lack of specialist knowledge that is available. Both of these make it very difficult to know how much to allocate in the budget for these practices, and to secure that funding for this rudimentary infrastructure necessity.

Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group (CPMG) has long been an excellent, and balanced source of technical knowledge on this subject. This expertise can be accessed through an extensive dealer network, or through publications such as "The Guide to Cracksealing", which the company produces. Now, CPMG is again endeavouring to make this knowledge readily available by inviting contractors and municipalities to their Pavement Maintenance Open House series.

These events will be held in several locations including Cimline's manufacturing facility in Minnesota and the newly opened northeastern CPMG depot near Albany, New York. Specialists in material, equipment and pavement maintenance practices will be available to answer questions and demonstrate techniques.

All aspects of pavement maintenance will be covered including sealcoating, routing, cracksealing and pot hole patching. The latest technical advancements will also be available for examination and trial, including the new DuraMAXX, single operator spray injection patcher.

Too often we attend shows with static displays and limited opportunities to get to know the experts. CPMG is aware of this and has organized these events to create an open and relaxed environment to assist municipalities and contractors alike. Rarely is there an opportunity to assemble pavement maintenance professionals in one location with so much to see and learn on the subject.

So, check your local association newsletter, or industry publication for the event nearest you. This is an opportunity to start planning your pavement maintenance projects with the expert assistance of Cimline.

Source: Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group


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