An Engine Transplant Gives a Second Life to a Lokomo

When Serge Larivière, from Sylviculture et Exploitation Forestière J.M.J. Inc., decided to remotorize an older Lokomo 933C wood transporter with a Cummins C8.3 engine, he turned to Larocque Engine Rebuilders Inc. for technical support.

Sylviculture & Exploitation Forestière J.M.J. Inc. is a timber company established in the Outaouais region since 1988. The company, managed by Jean-Guy Brunet, Daniel St-Jean and Jean-Luc Brunet, exploits over 4850 ha of privately-owned forestland. It specializes in timber harvesting on private lands, farmlands and industrial lands in the Outaouais region as well as in Eastern Ontario.

Sylviculture & Exploitation Forestière J.M.J. Inc. owns a number of forestry machinery equipment such as mobile shredders, fellers and conveyors. Thanks to this array of machinery, the company is able to fell and clear about 2 to 3 ha of timber land a day.

Larocque Engines Rebuilders Inc., the Cummins (industrial) dealer for Eastern Ontario, has been in business for about 25 years and has a whole array of tools at its disposition for rebuilding engines.

The company owned by Jean-Claude Larocque, has been a Cummins (industrial) dealer since early 2007. Five employees provide a reliable customer service on a daily basis.

As the exclusive distributor for Cummins Inc. in Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces, Cummins Eastern Canada LP is one of the largest distributors of Cummins engines in the world. caters to the diesel engine needs of numerous customers in a wide range of industries.

Cummins Eastern Canada LP is also one of the leading Cummins Power Generation suppliers in the industry.

Source: Cummins Eastern Canada LP,
André Charlebois, (613) 601-1146


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