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Handy Hitch Manufacturing Inc. offers a full product line for all your gravel road and road shoulder maintenance requirements.

Their line of road compactors were designed with versatility, ease of use and maintenance in mind. They can answer almost any road compaction problem or road maintenance issue.

The Contour Packer/Roller is overbuilt in every way. The walking beam design allows the tires to pivot on 11° of travel from front to rear, this ensures 100% road compaction. The heavy-duty box tube frame can utilize part of the grader's weight with the use of the ripper/lift assembly down pressure to evenly pack the road surface. Because the Contour Packer/Roller attaches to the grader as a "tow behind", it eliminates the need for another machine and operator.

The 230 cm and 266 cm Contour Packer/Roller models have the walking beams fixed to two Contour saddles which allows 4° of pivot side to side to form the crown of the road. The 60 cm offset option allows the operator to shift the machine to the left or right for safe compaction of road shoulders. Each unit comes with a hydraulic accumulator which allows the operator to have precise control of down pressure and, with the pressure relief valve, allows the Contour Packer/Roller to have some "give" in the event of a sudden impact.

Handy Hitch Manufacturing Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of its 75", 90" and 120" Profile Packer to its line of grader-mounted Packer/Rollers. The new patent pending design has been engineered to be the most compact and lightest grader mounted Packer/Roller on the market. The new design no longer requires a separate lift assembly. The 60 cm packer offset and grader adaptor plate is bolted into place on the main frame. The plate is then bolted directly to the grader or the ripper bar.

The new frame has 3 main pivot points located at the rear of the machine. Each pivot point is linked via hardened steel pins and bushings to an arm assembly that is controlled by a hydraulic cylinder and central accumulator for down pressure control.

Each of the 3 or 4 link arms is then attached to a walking beam. The walking beam has one 2700 kg double-ended spindle and hub two 14 ply smooth roller tires attached to each end. The new design is able to follow the contour of the road by diverting oil from one hydraulic cylinder to another via the hydraulic pressure relief system.

The 12 and 16 Wheel Ballast Packer/Roller, featuring a heavy-duty main pivot point with 53 cm greaseable dish, replaceable hardened steel pivot pins, easy access double ended spindles and 14 ply roller tires, has been designed to be the industry leader in box and frame design.

A 12-tire, 230 cm wide, 4,1m3 capacity, and a 16-tire, 305 cm wide, 5,5m3 capacity models are available.

The Handy Hitch offset mower hitch was designed around operator safety, and superior performance. It provides obvious benefits by enabling the tractor to stay on the level road while the mower cuts the steepest slope. The hitch can be connected to any brand of rotary mower, pull or 3-point style. Level tractor operation results in balanced lubrication and less wear and tear on tires, rims, bearings, gears and other working parts.

Since the tractor is sitting on top of the road, there is no need for costly, larger front wheel assist tractors. The skid plate, bolted on the ditch side axle, allows the hitch to be pulled through heavy moisture areas which would not normally be accessible.

This feature also prevents the hitch from getting caught over the edge of a hidden culvert or hole. Cutting full width on steep slopes at the same speed as flat ditches provides a better productivity and virtually eliminates the risk of rollovers.

The Handy Packer/Roller is economical and virtually maintenance free. This tow behind/front loader mount unit has three 76 cm wide by 66 cm diameter heavy-duty drum style rollers with 13 mm thick steel wall, and 20 mm thick vulcanized rubber on the outside roller face.

Heavy-duty spherical bearings will ensure smooth operation and responsiveness. No pneumatic tires means no more flats! All the optional equipment available for the Handy Hitch line is compatible with the Handy Packer/Roller.

The Skidsteer Packer/Roller is excellent for those tight spots that require packing but have limited access. Great for landscaping, limited access construction sites, and parks and recreational areas, this unit can attach to the front of a skid steer and utilize its hydraulic power to create downward compaction pressure.

The Skidsteer Packer/Roller is perfect for jobs where a full size compactor is just not cost-worthy.

The Gravel Pro is a roadside gravel reclamation at its finest. This particular unit possesses superior grinding and vegetation processing capabilities. With its grinding drum rotating at 540 RPM this unit will reclaim shoulder and road gravel, grind overgrown roadside vegetation, and with its grader style cutting blade, feather the material out all in one pass, and at a speed of 11,3 km/h.

Overgrown roadside vegetation and loss of road base material is not only unsafe, but can cost thousands of dollars annually.

Handy Hitch Manufacturing Inc. is based in West St.Paul, on the outskirts of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The company participated in the "Manitoba Canada" exhibit at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2008.

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