Horizon Makes Belt Scraper Maintenance Easy Work for Operators


For conveyor operators everywhere, the combination of dirt, dust, confined space and expensive equipment presents a constant challenge. Pressure to extend the life of components means that engineers demand the best technology and innovation in an effort to keep their conveyor belts running.

At Horizon Conveyor Equipment, the UK-based conveyor system specialist, designers have recently unveiled the latest developments in belt scraper technology.

After consulting widely with operators in the UK and overseas, Horizon has developed an innovative concept called the 'H' Primary Scraper Range, which adds to its already extensive range of belt cleaning equipment.

The new system has been designed to eradicate widespread problems with traditional primary belt scraper designs, where engineers have often been deterred by complex fitting and long-term maintenance issues.

According to Alan Bowler, Managing Director of Horizon Conveyor Equipment, for conveyor operators using primary and secondary belt scrapers as a cleaning system, the primary belt cleaner is a very important part of that combination. However, he says it can be difficult to mount a standard primary or tangential scraper because of restrictions caused by the motor, gearbox, steelwork or simply because the chute has limited space.

Mr. Bowler said: "The 'H' Primary Range overcomes these problems. With the "H" Primary Scraper Range, the entire system hangs over the top of the belt frame and is externally chute mounted. This means the scraper can be easily fitted to most conveyor head chutes."

In most cases primary scrapers are not recommended to work with mechanical clip joints. But because of its robust design, Horizon's 'H' Primary Range is suitable for conveyor belts jointed with or without mechanical clip joints.

In the past, engineers have had to compromise when fitting scrapers to their conveyor belts because of the essential gear and drive equipment that restricts how the system can be fitted and maintained.

In addition, conventional scrapers are often located in such confined locations that maintenance is difficult or even impossible. And with constant wear in harsh conditions and the close proximity of heavy machinery, that means scrapers can quickly become ineffective.

But because of the innovate design of the 'H' Primary Scraper Range, the scraper adjustment mechanism is kept well away from flying debris and within easy reach for routine maintenance.

Mr. Bowler said: "The "H" Primary Scraper Range works well for conveyor operators because it is based on a simple, effective and easily maintainable design.

"It is vital that these systems are straightforward to fit and adjust. Likewise, scrapers need to be accessible for regular maintenance. This system is an evolution in belt scraper design because it solves both of these problems."

The "H" Primary Scraper Range is suitable for conveyor systems in a wide range of industries, including coal, aggregates and cement. While it was originally designed for larger belts, Horizon Conveyor Equipment can build tailored scrapers for smaller applications.

The system comes with blades mainly made from polyurethane. The scraper can be fitted with blade types to accommodate both mechanical clip joints and vulcanised belts.

Source: Horizon Conveyor Equipment

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